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Rising Above with my Lemonade

A big Thank You to everyone who supported me during the Douglasville Mural competition a few months ago. For the people who are unfamiliar with what happened, long story short, my mockup for the mural was in the lead. Some residents were very upset that it was in the lead due to it being a woman of color. They made racial comments on social media, they called and complained to their council representatives, and The City of Douglasville decided to abruptly stop the competition all together. They gave in to the hatred.

After some thought and people asking if they could get a print of the mockup, I decided to do just that. The initial purpose of this piece was to express hope, joy, and growth for a better future for all. For someone who used to live in Douglasville, I know there’s great potential, but if we continue to be hateful, closed-minded and resistant to change, we’ll always run into problems.

This is a small example of the bigger issues we face. I hope this sparks conversations around representation, diverse spaces, and social issues that need to be addressed locally and globally.

This has been a great lesson for me and has confirmed something I’ve been exploring. Art is the vehicle and my tool of choice to spark notable change to move us forward.

Click below if you'd like to purchase a signed print. Thanks again for all the support. It truly means a lot!

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