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Rhythms of Magnolia - Vine City Mural

Mural commissioned by City of Atlanta - Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs and The Trust for Public Land

Mural location: Rodney Cook Park (Sports Courts at Southwest Corner of Park)- Vine St NW, Atlanta, GA

Video and drone footage by timberhousefilms

The spirit of Sunset & Magnolia lives on. An energized and electrified crowd moved by the music, artists, and speakers of the past. Nostalgic Magnolia Ballroom posters plaster the background, as sound waves blow through the wind of the neighborhood as they used to back in the day. Magnolia flowers, also known as a flower of perseverance and adaptability illustrates the spirit of Vine City.

My hope is for this piece to spark conversations amongst different generations of Vine City. An older generation who holds on to rich memories of a place of enjoyment and community. To the curious younger generation wanting to learn more about what the Magnolia Ballroom was and how important it was to the city and it’s a way of unifying everyone who stepped foot in there.

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