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Dunbar Elementary School

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Learning in Color on a few projects at Dunbar Elementary School in Mechanicsville.

  • 1st being an international greeting entrance. Dunbar is in the process of getting its International Baccalaureate accreditation. We created the school mural entrance where students are greeted in different languages and farewelled in different languages.

  • The 2nd project was another entrance area where we created a mural with International Baccalaureate's values.

  • The 3rd project was a collaboration with Impactful Brush & Learning in Color. A community mural part of Elevate Atlanta's Art Expo, where we invited students from Dunbar Elementary School's art club to participate in painting with me. Since the children where in grades 3rd - 5th, it was important to make the piece simple and easy to follow. The flowers and trees were in the shape of hands. The hands being a symbol of the community coming together and building their community. On Dunbar Elementary school’s website it is mentioned that over the years the school has been a light of hope for students, parents, and community members. This piece is an extension of their mission, a mural that brings students, parents, and community members together to be paint a piece that will bring light and hope to everyone who sees it. That said after reading on the history of Mechanicsville and seeing how multiethnic the community was in the 1800s, the different color hands are also a reflection of the past and people of all walks working together.

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